Monday, August 18, 2008


Here she is.......

So belatedly I am posting that we have a new grand daughter....Evie Grace.....born on the 14th July.She is gorgeous, petite, dark hair , dark skin that is like velvet and very dark blue eyes, at this stage.Alissa is well, Sam is great. Ben is ecstatic. Sam, too, adores her.
He wants to wake her up to give her a cuddle! He isn't being naughty to get attention he is being funny, which is quite hysterical. He is a real clown and he loves to make everyone laugh!

Of course I have scrapped some too!

I will put some more pics up as I get/take them...She is too cute, eh?????

take care, enjoy life.......XXXXXSueB

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back again :)

Been a bit slack with blogging, again!!!!

Been busy with the "g-inspired" group at Flickr. We have done an ATC swap, which was fantastic and all the ATC's are beautiful. The thing I like about this group is that everyone loves the "g style" and yet everyones art is so different. It's fantastic, and so VERY inspirational. As well as that they are a wonderful bunch of girls, from all over the world and I feel very lucky to be involved.

The CJ we are doing now is shaping up to be the same. The pages are gorgeous and all so different. here are the ones I have done so far.........
Everyone posted a theme and a size, we do the page and send it to them. Because we are from all over the world this saves the cost of sending a CJ in the mail, which by the end, could get very expensive. The only down side is that we don't get to see everyones beautiful work in real life, which would have been nice.

Anyway, I still have a few more to do and I haven't done the tags yet, for the sign on pages, so there is still alot to do.

The set up for my photography business is going well and everything is registered and I am just working on my web page and flyers, business cards etc. Fur Kids Photography will be up and running vcry soon.

Sam had a fantastic birthday party. It was colourful and busy and the jumping castle was a big hit! That is where Sam spent the whole time.....he ate in there even! I'll post some photos after I resize them!

Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sams on the mend!

So Sam has finally started to feel a bit better today, a week after the operation! he did a big poo today which I am sure has helped. That had been over a week! And we all know how yucky that feels! he's been as white as a sheet because he had another seroius bleed in theatre, but they managed to stop it and continue with gthe op. which was successful. Enormous tonsils and Ginormous adenoids. No more sleep apnoea now!!!

This is the page I did for our 29th Wedding Anniversary, a hybrid pic, using some absolutely AMAZING stuff from this fabulous wesite I found- . Absolutely gorgeous stuff, and beautifully put together.

"All his own Work"

On Mother's Day, at Alissa's, I had my camera stet up on the tripod with the remote shutter control, which of course Sam loved! he took about100 photos...some of them really good! I've used them in these pages. :)

This is him with the remote.

"My Joy"
This is one of the girls and I taken by him.....

And this is one of him with the remote done on a CD, for a challenge at 3A's, which I have made for him to hang on his door. He loves CD's and remotes, and his pirate socks are his favourites at the moment. He has them in various colours!!!

Thanks for looking, hope you like.....enjoy!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is my Flashpoint Album, which came as a kit from BB . It is Gloria's. She also sent me an add on kit which was full of all sorts of amazing goodies. I had fun doing it and I love the result, full to the brim of her woderful techniques. Thank you g, I love your kits. it was featured on the front page of the BB newsletter which is always exciting!!!

And this is on the Home page of 3A's too. Both went up yesterday. It was a VERY rewarding day.
I took this picture of Mum and my sister Jen, when they were down in the school holidays. Don't get to see her too often, so it was a good opportunity to practice the stuff Allison Tyler-Jones has been teaching in her class on BPS. I like the way it turned out.
Sam is home from hospital and not doing too badly. he is a bit whingy, and when the pain meds wear off he is VERY whingy, but oretty good considering. Lucky he is an easy going little person.
I hope all the Mums have a very Happy Mothers Day.......Enjoy it

Saturday, April 26, 2008


This year we wnt on the Hells Angels Poker Run as usual with friends Cheryl and Barry and their friend Michael. It was a great day as always, we didn't get rained on (a bonus) but the Police HARRASSMENT was unbelievable!!!!! They followed us with cars, bikes and a helicopter, booked people left, right and centre and pretty much spoiled the whole day. Shame really, cause we weren't doing anything wrong.

Anyway, the photo on this LO is what I had in my mind before we left, and I am really happy with the way it turned out. Thanks to Allisons class at BPS, I knew what to look for and was lucky enough to get it!!!!
So this weatherd old bikie was standing to attention, head bowed respectfully, lost in thought, as the Last Post was played. Very poignant. The photo was taken through the crowd.
We are off to the school conference at Windsor today, to start off the new Term, which means back to work for me. Sigh!!!
Enjoy Life.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ah, the good old days

We found these photos when we were cleaning up Claudes Mums place for the garage sale. They are the photos that Claude sent her while we were away. It was a real jolt to see them again, and the really good thing is that he has written on the back of every one of them!!!

So I have had fun, the last couple of days, scrapping them for the April monthly challeneges on 3A's. To me, they are great memories, not fabulous photos, but so precious anyway. I have fiddled around with them in photoshop elements so they look a bit better.

This first one (chercio della of family) is Claudes extended family in Italy. His cousins are on either side of me and his Aunt and Uncle are at the back of the photo. This was taken at their vineyard. They live in town, but have a vineyard and make their own wine of course! It was sensational.

This one, "thoughts about a journey" is Claude and I in the doorway of our van, in a caravan park in Spain, on his birthday, 1978. The divine envelope which contains the hidden journalling is made by Gloria Froese and I love it!

"Love Blooms" is a soppy title but it is how this photo made me feel!!! I loved the photo and it brought back the most amazing memories. The funny thing is that we both vivdly remember the gondola ride (it cost us a small fortune, but was worth every lire) but neither of us remember having this photo taken!!!!

Jenny and the Kidds are in Sydney for a couple of days so I am looking forward to spending some time with them and we are going on the Poker Run on Friday with the Hells Angels (our annual Anzac Day ride), then more cleaning out on the saturday and the school conference Sunday and Monday.....then back to work. Haven't been there for so long they have probably forgotten what I look like. haha

Take care, enjoy life, until next time


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am trying to do my assignment for my photography class, but I need the sun for the shot I have in my brain, and it won't come out from behind the clouds (the sun, not my brain)!!!!! I'll just have to do it today anyway 'cos I have run out of time now. bugger. I am minding Sam tonite, Ben has his CPA graduation on. Conratulations Ben! a fantastic achievement.

A couple more LO's for the daily challenge:

NOSE: When you say "where is your nose?" he nearly screws it off!

Favourite Outfit: love vintage buttons. This was a ribbon challenge.

Have agreat day, enjoy LIFE!