Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ah, the good old days

We found these photos when we were cleaning up Claudes Mums place for the garage sale. They are the photos that Claude sent her while we were away. It was a real jolt to see them again, and the really good thing is that he has written on the back of every one of them!!!

So I have had fun, the last couple of days, scrapping them for the April monthly challeneges on 3A's. To me, they are great memories, not fabulous photos, but so precious anyway. I have fiddled around with them in photoshop elements so they look a bit better.

This first one (chercio della famiglia...circle of family) is Claudes extended family in Italy. His cousins are on either side of me and his Aunt and Uncle are at the back of the photo. This was taken at their vineyard. They live in town, but have a vineyard and make their own wine of course! It was sensational.

This one, "thoughts about a journey" is Claude and I in the doorway of our van, in a caravan park in Spain, on his birthday, 1978. The divine envelope which contains the hidden journalling is made by Gloria Froese and I love it!

"Love Blooms" is a soppy title but it is how this photo made me feel!!! I loved the photo and it brought back the most amazing memories. The funny thing is that we both vivdly remember the gondola ride (it cost us a small fortune, but was worth every lire) but neither of us remember having this photo taken!!!!

Jenny and the Kidds are in Sydney for a couple of days so I am looking forward to spending some time with them and we are going on the Poker Run on Friday with the Hells Angels (our annual Anzac Day ride), then more cleaning out on the saturday and the school conference Sunday and Monday.....then back to work. Haven't been there for so long they have probably forgotten what I look like. haha

Take care, enjoy life, until next time


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