Saturday, April 26, 2008


This year we wnt on the Hells Angels Poker Run as usual with friends Cheryl and Barry and their friend Michael. It was a great day as always, we didn't get rained on (a bonus) but the Police HARRASSMENT was unbelievable!!!!! They followed us with cars, bikes and a helicopter, booked people left, right and centre and pretty much spoiled the whole day. Shame really, cause we weren't doing anything wrong.

Anyway, the photo on this LO is what I had in my mind before we left, and I am really happy with the way it turned out. Thanks to Allisons class at BPS, I knew what to look for and was lucky enough to get it!!!!
So this weatherd old bikie was standing to attention, head bowed respectfully, lost in thought, as the Last Post was played. Very poignant. The photo was taken through the crowd.
We are off to the school conference at Windsor today, to start off the new Term, which means back to work for me. Sigh!!!
Enjoy Life.....


g said...

Hi Sue! I just took a lookie loo through your blog! the layouts you have been doing are JUST GORGEOUS!!

well done!!

g said...

Sue, you have been doing some GORGEOUS layouts!!!! well done!

g said...

i think they are soooooo beautiful that i posted twice! (? what's up with that???)

Wendy said...

I love your flashpoint album. I haven't started mine yet. I am also a regular to g's blog.
Your layouts are so cool too, :)